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Materials of high quality

We use high-standard modern materials, which are globally being used by less than 5% of the boat builders, as a matter of their high cost.

As an example, we use only isofthalic vinyl biaxial - triaxial polyester to knit the hull in the direction of 90°,-90°, 45° and 60° for even more increased rigidity.

Colors used are also of high quality with unsurpassed durability, which makes us confident that our hulls will not turn to yellow after just one year.....

Furthermore, Kevlar hull design is an option in our Sport and Corsair models.

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Construction of high standards

Our boats are designed according to international regulations adopted by the Greek, English and Norwegian Registers of Shipping and the EU Directive for CE quality certification. Our objective is an unlimited use warranty.

As far as security is concerned, we offer 5 years warranty on tubes and 10 years warranty on the hull.

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Quality and product reliability

Quality and reliability of our boats make them distinguished when compared to any other boat.

Particular attention, beyond the mechanical strength and fatigue, is given to the hydrodynamic friction of the boats, so that they achieve top speed and low fuel consumption, in contrary to what happens with the respective boats of local and international builders.

This has been verified by tests published in the special press magazines, and by the outboard engine distributors through their preference to launch new models rigged on our boats.

Model testing

Before its production launch, each model is being tested very hard at sea and in material fatigue testing laboratories, in order to ensure the production of a rigid boat.

Races are also part of these tests.

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Innovation on our boats

Arched convex hulls with negative inverted oval spray rails.

The bow consists part of the deck and is being built from the same mold of the deck.

The roll-bar is made of polyester and a split mold, in order to prevent the existence of couplings and to increase its strength.

Our big models are equipped with foldable bucket seats for upright and sitting riding.

We are the first company in Greece having successfully implemented the steps in a number of hulls of inflatable boats.

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Every model is a prototype

Each model is designed from scratch, by the Design & Certification Department of our Company, depending on its individual and specific requirements.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure straight free-sailing passes, constant speed without swinging, dry trip at any sea state and maximum speed at lowest possible engine output for maximum economy.

In terms of ergonomics we have introduced new innovations in area distribution and functional spaces, without neglecting the aesthetic of the boats.

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Integrated solutions

We deliver a complete, correctly and fully rigged boat, designed from the beginning for the needs of each customer.

The solutions that we offer have guaranteed results so far; prior to their launch, they have been tested by us. There is no room for doubts, such as if the propeller is mounted properly, how to shape the tent, why the windlass installed is not suitable for rope and chain, in addition to many other "details" which, unfortunately, have not been solved and torture several boat owners until they decide to sell their boat.


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