arrow  The production process, the quality of manufacture and the competitiveness of the final product have been the most important factors for the promotion and the enhancement of our company as one of the top boat builders, ranking our boats as the most reliable in the market.

arrow  The fundamental step in the production of our products is the design and the construction of the prototype. Then molding and strengthening of the molds, so that the final product (the boat) remains similar to the first one; from the first piece of production (in 1993) until today the boats are identical, without distortion and blurs, maintaining their original design and finish, in order not to differentiate in the sailing performance.

arrow  Proper molding means extremely high building cost, since the boat is inevitably (due to the particularity of the materials used) handmade.

arrow  The second stage of production is the boat built. Issues such as the nature of the materials used, the production process, the equipment level of the boat, have a direct impact on the final cost and the quality of manufacture.


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