TOP LINE ensures that the product meets all applicable requirements and remains free from defects of materials during the warranty period.

This warranty covers product failure under normal use, as a result of defects in materials or construction of the vessel.

TOP LINE will repair or replace the necessary parts during the warranty period.

Transportation of the defective product to the nearest dealer or TOP LINE premises, takes places under owner's care, responsibility and cost.

TOP LINE may, at its discretion, require inspection or repair to be run at another suitable site.

Please note that your boat is a sophisticated and complex product with components that may be affected by many factors during the use.

This warranty in no way eliminates the obligation of the purchaser to ensure that all operational procedures, as stated in the product manual, are been applied and that all necessary precautions to prevent damage to the product have been taken.


The warranty is a provision of TOP LINE to the end user. Therefore, the end user must accept the terms and conditions of this provision, in order for it to remain valid.

The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the product.


NOTE! The list is not exhaustive and, therefore, not limited to these points

The warranty DOES NOT does not cover damages caused by:

• Careless use.
• Use of improper fuel, or water penetration in the fuel system.
• Collision with objects above or below the surface waters.
* Use of horsepower not within the advisable range.
• Modifications to the vessel or equipment from third parties.
• Lack of recommended maintenance run.
• Inappropriate use or negligence.

The warranty does not apply to:

• Cosmetic damage / wear
• Deteriorated parts
• Damage occurring as a result of an accident
• Damage to equipment not supplied by TOP LINE

Specific details of warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Please note that above exceptions and examples are been mentioned in order to help the buyer to better understand the warranty conditions.

Exclusions and conditions may appear under the general terms and conditions, when it can be reasonably regarded by common sense.

1. Hull and reinforcement

Duration: 10 years.
Applies to: The main layers of the hull shell and the longitudinal and lateral support.
Prerequisites: The boat must operate within the limits of use regarding speed and wave height and never under extreme weather conditions or in competitions or races.
Exception: Cracks in the surface color.

2. Deck, console, seats and lids

Duration: 5 years except from hinges, katavati, slides, stairs, doors, fittings, and electric pumps, which are covered by2-year warranty.
Applies to: Strength, fit and finish of the original parts.
Prerequisites: The boat must operate within the limits of use regarding speed and wave height and never under extreme weather conditions or in competitions or races.
Exceptions: Break or cracking on the paint surface due to free fall of objects, excessive and non-constant loads.

3. Tubes

Duration: 5 years.
Applies to: Construction defects in material Hypalon, unions and valves.
Prerequisites: The pressure in the tubes must not exceed the maximum allowable limit and excessive use of chemicals must be avoided.
Exception: Not valid for the color fading or damage caused by external factors.

4. Tanks and fuel system

Duration: 2 years extending to 5 years under specific conditions.
Applies to: Tanks and fuel system, where "Fuel system" means all the way from the tanks up to the engine.
Prerequisites: Proper use of fuels, regular inspection of the fuel / water separator and evacuation of the water and the particles of the separator.
Exception: Fuel filters and rubber hoses.

5. Electrical installation

Duration: 5 years.
Applies to: Wiring.
Prerequisites: the system must not be exposed to high voltage, water, and unauthorized interference.
Exception: Light bulbs, fuses, batteries and equipment not installed by TOP LINE or authorized dealer.

6. Propulsion engines

As specified by the engine manufacturer, for terms and conditions for the specific use.


In any case, TOP LINE is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, lost profits, rescue, launch, towing, storage, release fees, insurance premiums, transportation cost, telephone charges and mileage reimbursement.

The limitations of this Warranty shall apply regardless of whether the claims are based on:

Breach of contract, tort (including negligence and strict liability) or any other cause of action, legal or otherwise. Any legal action arising under the warranty must be commenced within (1) year after the alleged cause of action happening, so that this claim will be deemed at the proper time.

Limitations in this section shall not apply where they are prohibited by law.


Besides changes in warranty agreed by both parties in writing, this Limited Warranty is the only warranty applicable to the agreement between the parties and offered by TOP LINE to the buyer.

This warranty replaces any previous agreement, written or verbal and all other communication between the parties in regarding warranty.

No natural or legal person is authorized to provide warranty or assume any responsibility, verbally or in written, on behalf of TOP LINE.


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