Corsair Series

The largest sized and most recently launched line up of the Yard.

The lineup which incorporates innovative technology, without parsimony in research, development or material cost, technologically the most advanced boat lineup worldwide.

The revolutionary new double stepped hull design, internationally patented by our Company, was tested in its maiden launch and triumphed in the hardest probably offshore race, the Red Sea Rib Rally.

The enormous potential of the boat was highlighted in that race, as it literally bit all competitors, under very adverse weather conditions recording among others 6 meters wave height, by winning all the legs of the race and of course the 1st place overall, a few hours ahead from the second one!

Eight years later, under very hard weather conditions too, another boat of the same hull design travelled throughout the whole Mediterranean and crossed the Atlantic up to the Azores islands, in a 3.500 nautical miles trip.

Quite easily anybody can claim that the Corsair line up targets to extremely pretentious users looking for the ultimate: Safety, Speed, Autonomy, Luxury, Comfort, Design.

As a matter of fact, the name “CORSAIR” was normally chosen for this lineup, like another Aegean corsair who promises exciting trips under any weather conditions!

The biggest model of the lineup.

The sport version of C33.

The most recent model of the lineup, and the first Greek built boat, to which the vacuum infusion method is used for the construction of its polyester parts.


Dim. Christou Beka
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GR-190 04  SPATA

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