Max Series

Our small size lineup, however the wider one considering the variety of offered models.

Special feature of these boats is their deep, curved, sagittal deep-V hull, coming from the design of the sport boats of this segment, which incorporates negative slope oval spray rails; in combination with the light weight of the boats, this hull provides stable, smooth and economic boating even in hard weather conditions.

The ergonomic design and the special emphasis put on their storing areas design, ranks these boats on the top of the competition list.

Due to above features, as well as to their multiple purpose usage capability and high level of standard equipment, these boats are targeted to users who look for reliable, yet economic solution for marine tourism, and consist the ideal choice for the new enters in marine leisure.

The hull is inverted with negative oval spray rails providing dry ride and gradual extinction despite its small size.

The smallest boat of the MAX lineup.

A small, lightweight, simple and easy to use boat.

A small and easy to use, multi-purpose boat, with intensive offshore features.

A medium size boat, of high aesthetic at the same time, with a unique performance over the waves compared to any other boat of similar size.

The longest size boat of the MAX lineup, a boat with many awards even in competitions.


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