Why inflatable boat?

The structural difference among an inflatable and a fiberglass boat are the tubes of the inflatable. Even if we compare an inflatable with a fiberglass boat with exactly the same hull (although rare in reality, since the deadrise angles of the hull of fiberglass boats are usually much smaller than these of an inflatable boat), the tubes of the inflatable boat offer two important advantages:

First, extended safety in navigation. The capsizing limit of a TOP LINE is 110°, which means that the boat can exceed the right angle to the sea without overturning, something that is not valid for a fiberglass boat, the overturn limits of which are much tighter.

Second and most important, the tubes make an inflatable boat unsinkable, since in any unfavorable situation in which the boat would be filled with water, the levitation provided by the tubes will be greater than the weight of the water in the deck.

Speaking about a fiberglass boat, an untapped plug is enough to sink a boat of million euros value, without even considering passengers' safety!

For these reasons, it is stated as a rule that inflatable boats are of much greater potential against weather conditions, compared to fiberglass ones of the same, or even bigger size.

As a proof, it must be noted that it cannot be a coincidence that the vast majority of rescue boats globally, are inflatables.


Since the establishment of our Company, its objective has been to build the best boats not only for the Greek but also for the global market.

Tolerance in safety and reliability is zero.

Time, effort and material consumption are not taken into consideration during the implementation of the commitment to our customers, as far as the result of using a boat of poor design or construction quality by someone who would get into it to have fun, sometimes ignoring the strength of themselves, of their passengers against the to weather conditions, or of the boat, can turn to be dramatic.

This commitment has been thankfully acknowledged by the friends of the sea so far, especially by those who chose one of our boats.

Our customers belong to an unprecedented club of boat owners, who, owning already a TOP LINE boat, will not replace it soon, and when time comes they will choose a bigger TOP LINE, thus creating the TOP LINE owners club!

What do races mean to me? I just want a leisure boat...

For the owner of a boat, races have absolutely no meaning.

For us, as boat builders, races are of utmost importance; the experience acquired from our participation and competition for the first award, is being continuously transferred to the production of our boats.

This leads to production of high quality products: high-performance hull means top speed performance and low fuel consumption (i.e. cost saving during the use of the boat), low horsepower requirements (i.e. cost saving at the purchase and service periods), lightweight boat with modern materials, durability, reliability and quality of navigation (i.e. high resale value and optimum investment).

In this way, races turn eventually to be in favor of the owner.

Which boat to choose, which is the best line up?

In our Yard, various types of hulls are designed and produced:

Hulls with oval spray rails of inverted slope (MAX line up), hulls with larger angles of entry step and without step (S line up), curved hulls with two steps and spray rails of neutral slope (Pegasus series) and the revolutionary hull with two double steps and spray rails of neutral slope (Corsair line up).

These classify each line up according to its own cruising characteristics:

MAX: the short - medium range, emphasizing on ergonomics and space.

S: most suitable for marine camping as a result of its many and comfortable spaces and the aft sun deck.

Pegasus: based on more recently developed and tested hulls, targeting to more demanding customers looking for high performance and comfortable ride with minimal horsepower demand and fuel consumption.

Corsair: technologically the most advanced leisure boat hull worldwide, offering unparalleled opportunities of superlative cruising at top speed under any sea conditions.

Finally the ATLANTIC lineup

It goes without saying, that each and every potential customer must evaluate his needs and the intending use of his boat.

It is of course our pleasure to help him in this evaluation, mainly when it concerns his first approach in sea tourism. We will propose a boat-engine combination which will best fit his requirements. Unlike most of our competitors, who differentiate their models only in size, TOP LINE, producing 5 different, unique each one and original line ups, offers incomparable greater flexibility in every customers choice.


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