TOP LINE was established in 1991 as manufacturer of boats, prototypes and molds for cars, motorcycles and aeromodeling parts.

The design and construction of the prototype and molds of our first model, named MAX 500, started in 1992.

Since then 16 new standard models have been designed and built: TL 330, MAX 450, MAX 480, MAX 500, MAX 530, MAX 570, S 22, S 24, S 24 Cabin, P 20, P 23, P 27, Corsair lineup C 29, C 31, C 33, Atlantic lineup A 38, A 41, Work 33 and Work 38.

It is quite important to be noted, that our company is one out of few of the segment, where the principle of prototype models from the first until the last stage of production is being applied, without ever having committed the offense of copying any old or obsolete boat (hulls mainly).

Without any parsimony at all in time or money consuming, all boats, including their regional components (consoles, fiberglass rollbars, seats, in-built bow etc.), are being built from start to finish in our premises; thus no sub-constructor in involved in our production.

This ensures that full quality control processes are being applied to all tiers of building and assemble, as well as the originality of our design.


Dim. Christou Beka
(SPATA ringroad)
GR-190 04  SPATA

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