prototipia-1 Development of 17 different hulls in 5 different model line ups (Atlantic, Corsair, Pegasus, S, and MAX), through investment of significant amount of money in research, development and tests.
prototipia-2 Evolution of hulls with negative inverted oval spray rails, which ensures dry sailing and progressive vibration damping.
prototipia-3 The first Greek RIB builder to successfully present and use the stepped hulls, continuously since 1998.
prototipia-4 Polyester in-built bow with large base and area for the anchor chain, united with the deck, for increased rigidity and stability.
prototipia-5 Folding bucket seats for sitting and upright driving.
prototipia-6 Ergonomically designed cockpit of high aesthetics and low aerodynamic resistance.
prototipia-7 Finishing of the caps mounted in separate footholds, for use without damaging the deck.
prototipia-8 Single piece roll-bar of high rigidity, thus avoiding problems of distortion or cracking at high speeds and vibration.
prototipia-9 Only high quality vinyl resins used for biaxial - triaxial guidance knitted 0° - 90°, 45° to 135° and 60° to 120°, ensuring even greater rigidity of the hull.
prototipia-10 Additional focus on the use of longitudinal frames (stringers), for increased hull strength against stress under extreme weather conditions.
prototipia-11 After many years of tests and participation to races, a huge data base has been developed which offers COMPLETE and GUARANTEED matching of boat, engine and propeller, according to the specific needs of each individual user.


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