At the final qualification of the 2010 championship, TOP LINE won two first places, two second and one third. More specifically:

In the segment of 200 hp, R21, the smallest boat in the segment, was ranked second, with crew being Emmanuelo Ktistakis and George Papoutsakis.

Despite the fact that the length of the boat did not exceed 6.5 meters and the mishaps and penalties charged, the crew managed to step on the pedestal.

In the segment of 300 hp, the Corsair 29 with Dinos Markopoulos and Athanasios Paparigopoulos as crew, failed to obtain a position on the podium.

The encountered damages and other problems did not allow its participation to the Athens race, thus leaving the competitors tanning their places.

In the segment of 2 x 300 hp, Corsair 31 and Corsair 33 with Constantine Grammatikakis - Paraskevas Philippou and Philip Giakoumakis - George Chatzigiannakis the crew, won the first and second place respectively, wiping out all their competitors.

In the overall segment, again the Corsair 31 and 33 won the first and third position, thereby classifying TOP LINE as the builder of the fastest boats in Greece.



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