Corsair 33 (twin stepped hull)

In the maiden appearance in 2006 wins the First Red Sea International Race!

The flagship of our company, the boat which left speechless all international competitors by winning all the legs, all the big brands of offshore racing, showing in the best possible way the great advantages of the new revolutionary 2 double-stepped hull, a global TOP LINE originality!

CREW: Economou / Ntrintzis.

PEGASUS P 27 (stepped hull)

The winner of the 250 hp Sport and 250 hp Tourism Categories in 2005, during its launching and maiden participation!

The boat - legend of the company with the absolute performance in speed, economy, ride, the flagship of the Pegasus.

CREW: Sachidis / Ntotas (250 Sport), Hionidis / Loulis (250 Tourism).

PEGASUS P 23 (stepped hull)

The winner of the 200 hp Tourism Category in 2005 and winner in a lot of races since its maiden race in Crete in 2004.

The little brother of P 27 that set a new standard in its class, a unique boat with low engines output requirements and low fuel consumption.

CREW: Ktistakis / Ktistakis, Rouvas / Economou.

R 23 (stepped hull)

The pilot boat of the company with multiple discrimination, predecessor of S 24, which evolved through races and hundreds of hours of testing and improvements.

Winner the most of times when participated to races, a strong and qualified boat.

CREW: Sachidis / Kapleris, Kapleris / Tsatsos.

R 22 (stepped hull)

The winner of the 200 hp Sport Category, for three consecutive years from 2001 until 2003.

The hull from which the P 23 was evolved.

CREW: Sachidis / Kapleris, Kapleris / Ntotas, Kapleris / Bardis.

R 21

The winner of the 150 hp Sport Category in 2002, 2003 and 2005 season.

The hull from which S 22 was evolved.

CREW: Grammatikakis / Liapis, Kouzounis / Niakos.

R 5

The winner of the 90 hp Category in 2000 and 2001 and of the 125 hp Sport Category in 2002.

The hull from which MAX 500 was evolved.

CREW: Mavroudis / Petsanis.

MAX 570

Winner of the 150 hp Tourism Category in 2001, winner of many races since 1998, before the establishment of informal Championship.

CREW: Sachidis / Mavroudis, Mavroudis / Petsanis, Douramanis / Douramani.

MAX 500

A boat with many awards in championship competitions in 2000 and 2001.

CREW: Rouvas / Spiliotopoulos.


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