The largest sized and most recently launched line up of the Yard.

The lineup which incorporates innovative technology, without parsimony in research, development or material cost, technologically the most advanced boat lineup worldwide.

The revolutionary new double stepped hull design, internationally patented by our Company, was tested in its maiden launch and triumphed in the hardest probably offshore race, the Red Sea Rib Rally.

The enormous potential of the boat was highlighted in that race, as it literally bit all competitors, under very adverse weather conditions recording among others 6 meters wave height, by winning all the legs of the race and of course the 1st place overall, a few hours ahead from the second one!

Eight years later, under very hard weather conditions too, another boat of the same hull design travelled throughout the whole Mediterranean and crossed the Atlantic up to the Azores islands, in a 3.500 nautical miles trip.

Quite easily anybody can claim that the Corsair line up targets to extremely pretentious users looking for the ultimate: Safety, Speed, Autonomy, Luxury, Comfort, Design.

As a matter of fact, the name “CORSAIR” was normally chosen for this lineup, like another Aegean corsair who promises exciting trips under any weather conditions!

The lineup of the medium to large size boats of the Yard.

The most advanced boats of their segment. Stepped designed hulls (with the exception of the P20 one), as a result of continuous research and development, exhaustive tests and designing techniques, incorporate all the advantages of this design.

No better proof than their supremacy in every offshore race to which these boats participated.

The PEGASUS lineup has been designed with emphasis to the combination of high performance with low power output engines, ensuring the best cost – benefit ratio.

These boats are targeted to the lovers of speed and above any boundary enjoyment in the sea, as well as to long time travelers, as a matter of the significant economy in their use.

The medium size boats line up with large accommodation areas and huge storage capacity.

It is the evolution of the MAX lineup and is based on the extremely hard tested and recognized R21 and R23 racing hulls.

The S24 and S24 Cabin hulls are designed with steps, while the S22 hull is designed without steps.

Both of them incorporate wide angle of entry in order to cope with extreme weather conditions and to efficiently absorb vibrations, so as to offer convenient boating and high performance.

They are no-limit boats, targeted to the lovers of marine tourism and to families and groups who do not accept restrictions in their travels.

Our small size lineup, however the wider one considering the variety of offered models.

Special feature of these boats is their deep, curved, sagittal deep-V hull, coming from the design of the sport boats of this segment, which incorporates negative slope oval spray rails; in combination with the light weight of the boats, this hull provides stable, smooth and economic boating even in hard weather conditions.

The ergonomic design and the special emphasis put on their storing areas design, ranks these boats on the top of the competition list.

Due to above features, as well as to their multiple purpose usage capability and high level of standard equipment, these boats are targeted to users who look for reliable, yet economic solution for marine tourism, and consist the ideal choice for the new enters in marine leisure.

The hull is inverted with negative oval spray rails providing dry ride and gradual extinction despite its small size.


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